About Us

aboutus_headerThe Executive Edge is a Seattle based consulting firm that offers services that range from executive coaching through customized strategies to develop your talent.  We have a singular focus:  Translating Potential into Performance.  We help businesses to become competitive in today’s market by focusing on their most valuable asset —-their people.

Our Philosophy

Effective leaders are committed to engagement, focused on feedback and are strategic and clear about how they build value over time. 

Linking Our Services to Your Business Challenges

 Businesses face four major challenges as they move through the next decade: 

  • Businesses that are able to identify, select, and develop their high performers move the “right” people into the “right “ positions at the “right” time.  A well developed leadership pipeline will offer businesses effective leadership at all levels through times of transition.    
  • It is critical for companies to effectively use promotions as “developmental opportunities” for valued contributors and to offer clear pathways to success at the next level. Strategic development programs that  accelerate the transition forward save time and money. 
  • As key contributors retire, businesses must assist them in “leaving a legacy” so that their contributions and intellectual property can be captured and retained. Successful businesses effectively leverage the innovation of their most valuable resource:  their people. 
  • Given a global marketplace and diverse workforce, it is increasingly difficult for companies to build teams without borders.  When businesses effectively harness the benefits of diversity, they improve their competitive edge in this fast paced environment.

 Our service offerings are responsive to current challenges in today’s global marketplace.  We customize our programs to fit business objectives and strategic imperatives in a rapidly changing business environment. We are committed to tailoring our services to your specific business needs and direction.

“Our clients are committed to increasing the effectiveness of their top performers as a strategy to leverage their competitive edge.”             Carol  Jung 

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