Build Your Talent Pipeline



        Selecting and Retaining Your Top Talent


If you could recruit and retain employees with high potential and invest in their development, would your organization be considered an “employer of choice”?

Most businesses know that it is critical to hire the “right person into the right role” and to selectively promote high potential performers.  We help you to build competency models based on key success factors that have strategic importance to the success of your organization. We will take your company’s strategy and unique culture into account as we build a “best fit” hiring and promotion strategy.



Strategic selection and development practices can yield these results (ROI):

  • Competency based selection increases productivity by 33%
  • Hiring “high performing” individuals can yield gains of 120%
  • 97% of executives selected and retained on the basis of strategic assessment data are successful and report satisfaction with the company’s culture.

Clearly, companies that “hire by design,” implement a leadership process aligned with strategic business goals.  They build a “leadership pipeline” with quality performers at every level and are well positioned to transition through any change. 

Services:  Customized Selection processes. Succession Planning, Strategic Success Modeling, High Potential programs

Specialized Programs:  We have developed a selected array of customized programs designed to respond to shifting needs in a global marketplace.  These programs prepare individuals for new levels of responsibility and encourage professional growth within selected professions and industries., We are committed to diversity and to building  leadership capabilities in women with high potential, and to organizations that actively foster leadership.  Sample programs include:


  • Women and Leadership
  • Accelerated Partnership: Strategies for Professional Service Firms, Family Owned Businesses, and Medical Teams
  • Business Development for Professional Service Firms
  • Management Development for Professional Service Firms
  • OnBoarding Programs
  • Management Development:  Managing and Motivating
  • Excelling as a Nurse Manager
  • Pathways to Engagement
  • Strategic Success Modeling:  A competency modeling program customized to your company
  • Customized One Day Developmental Workshops


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