Direct your life with purpose

June 4, 2014 columns Comments Off on Direct your life with purpose

Clearly articulate your value while influencing and connecting with others: Maintain executive presence

Each of us must define our personal “WHY”:  Our organizing beliefs, our purpose, and the essence of what we each do to offer a unique contribution.  When we are clear about our purpose (personal WHY) and deeply understand our organization’s mission, it becomes possible to clearly articulate the value that we bring to our organizations.  It is especially difficult to remain focused on the next step outcomes that we want to create during transitions.  Defining our unique perspectives and speaking to what is important while connecting with others are key combined aspects of executive presence.  Ask:

  • What is my personal WHY, purpose, or the essence of what I most value?  
  • How do others experience and see what is most important to me and in what kinds of situations am I unclear? 
  • When have I most successfully exemplified executive presence? Am I able to know the value that I bring while maintaining strong relationships with others? 
  • What keeps me from maintaining my executive presence at work? What can I do or learn to strengthen my ability to demonstrate executive presence in my current situation?

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